Lotame's real-time data management technologies, global data marketplaces, and award-winning customer service make our unstacked data solutions the clear choice for publishers, marketers and agencies looking for a flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to the walled-off products from the large MarTech stack companies.
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          Why Choose Lotame
          Lotame Data Solutions Platform

          Lotame is the worlds leading unstacked data solutions company, helping publishers, marketers and agencies find new customers, increase engagement, and grow revenue through audience data.

          Lotame LAB
          Build Audiences That Perform

          Build, segment, and scale custom audiences to power omnichannel marketing campaigns that drive consumer engagement and acquisition.

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          Lotame Connect
          Collect Anywhere. Use Everywhere.

          Ingest data from all consumer touchpoints and activate audiences anywhere using our suite of unstacked connection tools, APIs and integrations,

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          Lotame Analytics
          Actionable Audience Insights

          Get a 360 degree view of the attributes and behaviors associated with consumers on the path to purchase, and transform those learnings into optimized custom targeting segments.

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          Lotame Data Exchange
          Worlds Largest 2nd and 3rd Party Data Marketplace

          Thousands of 2nd and 3rd party data segments, including exclusive publisher-direct audiences, industry-leading Lotame Precision Demographics, and ACR-driven TV audiences.

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          Tailored For Your Business

          Lotame's real time DMP was built to deliver measurable value for marketers, agencies and publishers. This value is unlocked through a powerful set of interlinked solutions that enable you to maximize effectiveness at every stage of your data strategy.

          News & Resources

          Want to know what's new at Lotame? Or just looking for more information about how some marketers, agencies, and publishers have used Lotame to meet their business goals? Check out the News & Resources section for case studies, whitepapers, news, events, and lots more!

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